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Spring 2019

This Journal includes articles by:

  • Susannah Gilmore – The United Nations Security Council: An Analysis of Fairness and Democracy in an Anachronistic Tradition

  • Nicholas Carmichael – A Strategy to Reduce Violence Against Yazidis in Iraq

  • Brooke Habit – The Oxymoron of Haitian-Dominican Citizenship

  • Hallie Griffiths – Examining Sino-American Existential Insecurity and Economic Partnership Vis-a-vis the South China Sea

  • Varun Shuma and Eric Xu – Different Strokes for Different Folks: Divergence in U.S. and Chinese Post-Crisis Economic Policy

Fall 2018

This Journal includes articles by:

  • Mayan Braude – China’s Food Security Issues from “Opening Up” to “Stepping Out”

  • Shriya Dodwani – TOR: Terror on Recruitment

  • Olivia Dupont – Reading Between the Lines: An Analysis of the Representation of Men as Survivors of Sexual Violence in Ugandan News Media

  • Eric Xu – Walking the Tightrope: A Defense of the CCP Hukou Reform in Contemporary China

  • Timothy Rodriguez – The Bear and the Bald Eagle: Can the United States and Russia Repair the Contemporary Relationship? A Look into the Historical Insights of Past Cooperation and Their Relevance for Improving Relations

Spring 2018

This Journal includes articles by:

  • Michael Kamer – Normalizing the Enemy: The Impact of Domestic Business Interests on American Diplomatic and Trade Relations with China, Vietnam, and Cuba

  • Thomas Ale – The Effects of Religion and Religiosity on individual Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence: An Analysis of World Values Survey Data 2010-2014

  • Sabrina Kim – The Fall From Grace: A Neuro-Political Investigation Into the Context and Consequences of the American Abuses at Abu Ghraib

  • Ilana Shapiro – A Twin Study on Development: The Post-Independence Cases of Rwanda and Burundi

  • Mariana Brazao- The Legacy of Getúlio Vargas’ Nation Building Policies and the Resulting Role of the White Man in Brazil’s Indigenous Development Policy

Fall 2017

This Journal includes articles by: 

  • William Truban – Institutional Development of Social Power for State Development

  • Robert Stephens – Do Structural Funds Effectively Equalize Opportunity in the European Union?

  • Ankita Satpathy – India's Inequality and Education as an Equalizer: A Case Study on the Relationships between Educational Policy, Practice, and Inequality

  • Sarah Corning – The Rohingya: A Stateless Minority Seeking Refuge

  • Morgan King and Sarah Rupert – Why Did the Moroccan Monarchy Not Fall During the Arab Upheavals?

  • Ansley Bradwell and Anna Gray – To What Extent Is Russian Lobbying and Psychological Influence a Threat to the Economic and Political Security and Stability of the US and EU?

  • Pascal Hensel – Defying the State: How Executive Constraint and State Capacity Affect Control over Pro-Government Militias

Spring 2017

This Journal includes articles by: 

  • Celia Aidinoff – To What Extent Do Economic Circumstances Fuel Religious Violence? An Examination of Boko Haram's Growth

  • Grant Oken – Islamic Banking and the Global Financial Crisis

  • Sabrina Kim – War or Diplomacy? Lesson from the Bush Administration's War in Iraq and the Obama Administration's Nuclear Deal with Iran

  • Liam Kraft – Fundamentalism, Secularization, and Politics in South Asia

  • Emily Zhou – Forecasting a Peaceful Resolution of the Taiwan Issue

  • Zhen Wang – U.S. and China's Counterterrorism Initiative

Fall 2016

This Journal includes articles by: 

  • Sean Rumage – Turkey and the EU: Friends with (Conditional) Benefits

  • Erica Jensen – Who Will Attack Again? A Quantitative Analysis of Variables in Recidivism Among Guantanamo Bay Detainees

  • Kelly Abbinanti – Reassessing Beijing's Carrot-and-Stick Policy: The Significance for Future Trilateral Relations

  • Fiona McCarthy – International Criminal Law: The Problem of Serving Arrest Warrants

  • William Henagan – The Worst Kept Secret in Washington: American Dissent to Intervention in Guatemala, 1954

Spring 2016

This Journal includes articles by:

  • Kara Anderson – Cubs of the Caliphate: The Systematic Recruitment, Training, and Use of Children in the Islamic State

  • Jake Anderson – How the CIA's Role in Combating the Threat Presented by Al-Qaeda has Evolved

  • Stephanie Sacco – The Role of Islam in Violent Extremist Islamist Radicalization in the West

  • Rachel Goretsky – Giving in to International Peer Pressure: The Extent to Which UN Human Rights Council Condemnations Influence Israeli Counterterrorism Policy

  • Connor Kennel – The Hunt for Silver Bullets: The Threat of Lone Wolf Terrorism and Preventive Countermeasures

Fall 2015

The Journal includes articles by:

  • Kelly Abbinanti – China's Proliferation of Cyber Warfare Capabilities

  • Ana Derrick – The Power of Community-Based Crime Prevention

  • John Brake – Power and Principle at Play in Iraq

  • Benjamin Harris – Withdrawing from Iraq: The 2008 SOFA Negotiations

  • Saiful Khan – Why the Dollar Will Remain the Principle Reserve Currency

  • Caitlin Hall – The Obama Administration's Response to the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Spring 2015

This Journal includes articles by:

  • Sam Gruber – Implementing Party State Democracy in China

  • Mathilda Shepherd – The Enemy of My Enemy is My Enemy?

  • Colleen Cook – Mohamed Morsi's Removal in the Media

  • Avery Rasmussen – The Tension Between Enlargement and Integration in the EU

  • Muskan Mumtaz – Qatari Labor Reform for the FIFA 2022 World Cup

  • Jessica Hirsch – Mozambique: The Exception to Duverger's Rule

Fall 2014

This Journal contains articles by:

  • Patrick Hoover – The Neighborhoods of Baghdad

  • Erica Johnson – The Atypical Irish Political Spectrum

  • Katharyn Gadient – Iraqi Women and Mental Health Initiatives

  • Jessica DeJesus – What the Dalai Lama Could Learn From Gandhi

  • Naguib Bebawi – Politics of Resistance

  • Eric Sutherland – The Responsibility to Protect Initiative and UN Intervention in Darfur

  • Lila Kelso – Politics in a Gendered World

Spring 2014

This Journal contains articles by:

  • Colleen Cook – Game of Drones: The Battle to Define U.S. Drone Policy

  • Adria Penatzer – The Chinese Communist Party's Hierarchy of Needs: China's Domestic Threats and How They Affect Party Behavior

  • Ryan Smith – Odebrecht: A Case Study of South-South Cooperation Between Brazil and Other Developing Nations

  • Naomi Bishop – Prosecuting United Nations Peacekeepers for Human Rights Violations

  • Alexandra Dicocco – Triangular Tension: How Tension Was Generated Within the U.S.-Russian Relationship by Their Independent Interactions with the Republic of Kazakhstan and Today's Potential for Cooperation

Spring 2012

This Journal contains articles by: 

  • Joe Riley – How did FM 3-24 Become the Most Revolutionary Military Doctrine in the 21st Century?

  • Lillian Frost – How Does Al-Jazeera Arabic Influence Jordanian Political Attitudes and Identities?

  • Allie Vandivier – The Role of Islam in Turkish Politics and its Effects on Democratic Transition

  • Emily Laser – A Failed Response: Why the United States' Policy Toward Genocide Has Failed and How to Change It

  • Melanie Bartell – The Causes and Effects of Migration on Nepali Women

  • Andrew Koch – Al-Shabaab: Recruiting Practices and U.S. Mitigation Efforts

  • Peter Snyder – Why the Visa Waiver Program Should be Extended to Poland

  • Nicole Bailey – Bolivia and the Global Financial Crisis

  • Stevie Chancellor – Exacerbation of Islamophobia in American News Media: Turkey's Ban on Youtube

  • Colin Custer and Peter Slag – The Copper Dragon: Zambian Perceptions of Chinese Investment in Lusaka and the Urban Copperbelt

Spring 2009

This Journal contains articles by:

  • Prashanth Parameswaran – Beyond 'Jihad': A Typology of Insurgency Internationalization and the Case of Southern Thailand Insurgency

  • Gary Lawkowski – Biting the Hands that Feeds: Conflict in Humanitarian Interventions

  • Thomas Wonder – The Intersection of Power and Interest: Russia-U.S. Interaction in the South Caucasus

  • Wesley Stanley – The Face of Proliferation: The Story of A.Q. Khan and History's Greatest Proliferation Network

  • Alexander MacKay, Colleen Barrett, Martin Oberst, Sebastian von Marschall, and Shane Warren – Is Food Aid Beneficial? An Analysis of Its Effects in Ethiopia and the United States?

  • Yi-Xian Ng – Tibet's Influence on China: Tourism, Tibetan Medicine, and Tibetan Buddhism

  • Vetan Kapoor – Democracy and Economic Growth in Pakistan

  • Giancarlo Vannini - The Dynamics of Romania and Bulgaria in the Global European Economy

  • Taylor Maltz – Sino-Sudanese Relations: Beijing's Changing Policy and Its Implication For China's Asymmetric Relations

Spring 2007

This Journal contains articles by:

  • Taylor Jaworski – Terrorism, the State and Islam in Central Asia

  • Konstantin Lantsman – U.S., E.U., and Iran: Creating a Stark Choice

  • Lee Skluzak – Domestic-Foreign Linkages: China's Energy Security in Eurasia

  • Jennifer Love Stringfellow – Success Isn't Everything: The Effectiveness of International Intervention

  • Tiffany Bassford – The Two-Ballot Electoral System and Party Behavior in the French Fifth Republic

  • Jessica Stallings – Compromising National Interests: Policies of Ethnic Relations in Hungary and Poland

  • Josh Levy – Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

  • Diana El-Osta – In Pursuit of Silence: Academic Freedom and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

  • Andrew Miller – A Critical Analysis of the Bush Administration's Development Policy

Spring 2006

This Journal includes articles by:

  • Andrew Tuttle – A Window of Relaxation for the Developing World

  • Marie-Adelaide Mol – U.S.-China Policy: How Interests Trump Ideals

  • Lee Skluzak – Kyrgyzstan's "Tulip Revolution": An Asymmetric Perspective

  • Aigerim Karimova – The Cuban Embargo in the 21st Century

  • Mary Rodeghier – Modern Tibetan Ethnicity in Political China

  • Scott Anderson – A House Built on Sand: Stability in the Saudi Royal Family

  • Charles Taylor – Norway: Cleavages and E.U. Integration

  • Stephanie Maximous – Women's Bodies and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • Nadia Shairzay – Executive and Legislative War Powers

Spring 2005

This Journal contains articles by:

  • Patrick Lane – Domestic Politics, Realist Calculations, and the Iraq War

  • Bsrat Mezchebe – Nation Building in Eritrea and Ethiopia

  • Benjamin Rankin – Nicaragua v. U.S.: A Legal Analysis

  • Shareefa Al-Adwandi – The Life Cycle of Israel's Labor Party

  • Ken Ray – The Neglected Element in U.S.-Colombia Policy

  • Scott Anderson – A Potential Partnership: Sino-Saudi Relations

  • Nathan Damweber – Cosmopolitan Theories on Poverty and Disease

  • David Buckley – Abrahamic Faiths and High Diplomacy

  • Devon Knudsen – Japan's New Nationalism